This project was fun because i got to pick what i wanted to do. I picked fake news as my number one pick because i love trying to create stories, and i had a great idea to put jesses on the moon. I also picked photoshop because i loves changing pickles and making them look better. I really like the picture one too because i have really good pictures of hockey and it's my favorite sport so i justed used those.


Fake News

Jesse Dean will be one of the only men to travel to the moon on July 20th 2018 he will be launched from cape canaveral at approximately 7:30am. We interviewed Jesse to see if he was nervous his words were “I don’t even know how to drive this thing”. Jesse will be taking rock test to see the mercury levels on the moon. He will return in three months later and be the first ever to come back to earth with five tons of moon rock.

Issues at sandwich high school

trump news eats largest hot dog known to man